Faith Statement

Each christian has a faith journey:

We value the journey over the destination.

Some of us were born into Christianity. Others of us found faith as adults. Others of us rejected the Christian tradition we grew up in and traded it for something else. Others have remained true to what we have been taught; still others have innovated. We each have stories of trust and loss and discovery and betrayal and triumph and rejection and loyalty: these stories of religious experience are essential to us as humans on this planet and need to be told.

We value true stories told with literary merit.

At ZEALOT, we tell the stories of Christian faith, with a particular emphasis on growing up in evangelical culture of the 90s to today, though the stories we publish are not limited to one Christian faith tradition. The stories we publish are all true stories written with literary merit, and primarily fit into the genre of narrative nonfiction essays, with occasional (VERY occasional) poetry and visual art to accompany and complement nonfiction works. Unlike many journals covering the same thematic ground, we value literary experimentation, complexity, and storytelling. (Which means we also value the quality of what we are publishing over the quantity.)

We value empathy over orthodoxy.

There are many publications that tell Christian stories, but often, these stories are told with a particular goal of persuasion in mind (AKA, the theology needs to be "right" and the story is told to communicate a predetermined point). In contrast, we aim to create a culture of openness toward the storyteller and the audience, regardless of where the storyteller has landed theologically. Our goal is to create a safe space online to share any and all stories within the Christian experience, not just the ones that end in orthodox theology.

We value earnest exploration over cynicism.

The best work will make us think, question, doubt, and feel differently about the world we inhabit. These are also the literary essays that provide much room for conversation between folks with different opinions, beliefs, experiences, and values. We aim to provide literature that pushes forward the conversation of Christian faith in an engaging and authentic way, so that we all sit down to eat at the same table. We believe that cynicism undermines this goal of opening conversations with those who differ from us. (That being said, we are certainly open to a raw opinion shared with passion - or even a snarky, belly-laugh take on the Evangelical experience.)