Our Staff

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Liz Charlotte Grant, Chief Storyteller

Her lyrical prose has been published at the Curator Magazine, Geez Magazine, Patheos, Rock and Sling’s “How to Pack for Church Camp,” Dappled Things, among others. Her raw candor about life and faith attracts and repels in equal measure, but has resulted in speaking opportunities across Colorado. She and Jeremy have been married for two years and are raising their two children in Denver, Colorado.

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Jeremy Grant,

Chief Creative

Jeremy Grant is an award-winning graphic designer and fine artist. He received a B.S. in Design and Illustration from John Brown University, in 2007 and currently lives in Denver, CO. His day job is Creative Director of Signal, a branding agency.

He has exhibited his collage and assemblage work in individual and group shows regularly since 2008. His dense, maximalist paper collages create emotional and associative landscapes, using deconstructed and re-contextualized elements to bridge chaos and familiarity.

He is crazy about robots. (You might say, he’s caught the robot fever.)

(Liz says Jeremy Grant is less intimidating in person than he looks in this photo.)

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Steve Slagg,

Sound Designer

Steve describes himself as a “God-haunted, gay-of-center weird singer-songwriter with death problems.”

A musician working in tech in Chicago, he was raised in the Christian church; he was also queer. As an adult, he has worked with organizations to provide LGBT support within faith communities. He has also spent his off-hours creating thoughtful, weird, theological, heart-wrenching music with the band Mooner and through his solo project under his own name (AKA Youngest Son).