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The world has enough theologians. We need more empathy, more honest, compelling stories of life and faith. Telling our stories humanizes us and teaches us to see the “other.” Jesus taught primarily in parables and stories rather than rules and systems. Truth can be found in unexpected places: after all, “all truth is God’s truth.”


Crafted with Care

The products we sell are made with care and attention, by real people and by hand whenever possible. Jesus was a carpenter first (or stone mason depending on who you ask), a craftsman, so you know, we want to be like him.


With One Voice, All Together

Respect is not a “zero sum game.” Jesus gave us an example of radical love and acceptance by breaking his cultural norms to engage with marginalized peoples. Here at ZEALOT, the voices traditionally ignored by peoples of faith matter as much as the voices of the majority. Your story matters.


Faith + Doubt Welcomed

Doubts are okay. Questions are encouraged.

The founders of ZEALOT are personally guided by the words and character of Jesus and the historical Christian faith. However, we embrace mystery and encourage respectful engagement from people of different faith traditions, including the “nones” and those on the journey.